AthTek Registry Cleaner

September 3, 2014


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Brand: AthTek Software

General Information

Each time we start Windows system, a lot of registry entries will be created automatically. If we don’t clean them in time, they will increase larger and larger day by day and will bring system errors or system crashes someday. Those registry entries cannot clean itself. If you found your system response speed was getting slow than the first time you use the computer, that meant your registry was overloaded and need a complete cleanup.

If you are plagued by system errors, crashes and slow response speed, you can get the final solution from AthTek Registry Cleaner. The only thing you need to do is to scan and clean registry with several clicks, and then all the system problems will be removed instantly. It performs as a comprehensive system maintenance tool and can do more over the free registry cleaners can do.

AthTek Registry Cleaner can help you to completely clean the redundancy registry entries and prevent your system from errors and crashes. It is famous for the extreme scanning and cleaning depth which is further advanced than any other registry cleaners especially the free ones. It can help you to deeply scan, clean and optimize registry to get all the system problems removed. It can also preset the scanning and cleaning rules as you wish, so that it can automatically diagnose your system according to the schedule. It has integrated some frequently-used system tools which make it more stable and comprehensive for system maintenance.

Till now, AthTek Reigstry Cleaner is the only registry cleanup tool which can take real effects on Windows 8. If you have ever compared this program with other registry cleaners especially the free ones, you would probably know what are the advantages of AthTek Reigstry Cleaner. It can effortlessly find further more registry errors and get the registry cleaned up in much deeper level. In one word, AthTek Reigstry Cleaner is the killer of registry errors and system crashes. It is the exact registry cleaner for Windows.

* Supports to fast scan, clean and optimize registry on Windows 8;
* Supports to schedule scanning and cleaning rules for regularly automatic operation;
* Supports wider and deeper scanning range than any other registry cleaner;
* Integrates some necessary system tools for better system and file maintenance;
* Supports ignore list which can hide some registry entries from detection;
* Supports undo list which can fast revert the false operation;
* Supports to backup and restore registry in seconds.

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8
System Requirements: 256 RAM

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