MP3 Wav Editor

September 30, 2014


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Brand: Bromind Technologies
Platform: windows

General Information

MP3 Wav Editor is a full audio package which can manage, play
and revise your MP3 files easily and make characteristic digit
music for you at any time. With its file-manage function, you
can make your own MP3 play list and play your preferred MP3 files,
import the whole directory as well as the Winamp playlist within
just a few clicks. You can also revise the Artist, Album, Title,
Genre, Year for each MP3 file or change MP3 names into -
for your personal reference in batch processing. The conversion
function of MP3 wav Editor can easily convert MP3 into Wave format
by which you can burn your own CD. Vice versa, Wave format can be
converted into MP3, with all the setup such as Channel mode,
sample rate, bit rate totally adjustable. The Split-and-join
function of MP3 Wav Editor is used to montage the MP3 files
which you like. In this process, you can set the encode format
of the newly-created MP3 files at any time convenient. As to the
CD rip function of MP3 Wav Editor, it can easily convert your
beloved Audio CD tracks into MP3 or Wave files. You can search
and query from the database of myriad of CDs for a particular CD
for its Artist, Album, Title, Year and other information so on,
write all this information into MP3, create a local CD database
so that CD’s information can be conveniently loaded.

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista

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