4Media DVD Copy for Mac

September 15, 2014


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Brand: 4Media Software Studio
Platform: mac

General Information

4Media DVD Copy for Mac enables you to copy an entire DVD movie in 1:1 ratio perfectly in the cases of copying D5 to D5, D9 to D9, D5 to D9 and compress DVD-9 (dual-layer DVD) to one DVD-5 disc easily. It also allows you to copy the main movie of the DVD only. With the powerful function, this software can not only copy DVD movie to ISO file or DVD folder and back up DVD to hard disc drive, but also burn ISO file and DVD folder to DVDs.

4Media DVD Copy for Mac is a special version designed for Mac user and gets the following features to catch Mac fans attention:

1.It features fast burning speed and easy-to-handle settings.

2.It can compress DVD-9 (dual-layer DVD) to one DVD-5 disc with ease.

3.It can do lossless copy of the entire DVD-9 movie to 8.5GB Dual Layer recordable media.

4.It allows you to create Customized DVD Copy at will.

5.It supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movie copying.

6.It can clone DVD software as it copies the whole DVD movie to DVD in 1:1 ratio.

Facing such excellent software, what are you waiting for? Having this powerful software, you can get much more pleasure from your favorite DVDs.

Operating Systems: Mac,OS X - Macintosh

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